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The professionals at Dartmouth Financial Group have assisted thousands of clients in resolving their tax liabilities. We understand the burden a tax liability creates, and we work quickly to provide you with tailored options to get this issue resolved. We also understand that dealing with the IRS and State taxing authorities is just like dealing with debt collection companies where their only interest is in collection. If you are facing these issues, it is time to hire professionals that know how to achieve a successful resolution that meets your needs. The professionals at Dartmouth Financial Group are highly trained and very experienced.

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Do you owe a tax liability?

If you do, the IRS and/or state taxing authorities will likely have sent you one or more threatening letters, demanding payment with the threat of garnishment of wages and attachment of assets, such as bank accounts. In order to respond properly, one must navigate through the tax authority bureaucracy, likely be requested to complete complicated form and quite often one will spend hours on the phone, mostly waiting for someone to speak with. Have you asked yourself if you should have professional assistance to guide you through the tax authority collection process? If you have, you should contact the professionals at Dartmouth Financial. We will work closely with you and the taxing authorities to resolve your tax liability in a manner which does not place undue financial burdens on you. Call us today.

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